Technical Info

  • Adjustable speed.

  • Can operate without electricity. (Optional 12V adapter for sensors and lights)

  • Extremely durable frame and industrial grade moving parts.

  • European quality.

  • Virtually no maintenance.

  • 1 year guarantee on moving parts and electronics, 5 years on frame.

  • Can be mounted on a wall to save space.

  • Optional casters, allowing the owner to move the machine around the space.

  • Custom options with branding available.


S – Excellent entry option for a lower budget. Great for schools, where there is no need for extreme challenges. Fits almost anywhere.


M – Increased width that allows more side movement. User can change the angle from +35° to – 35°.


L – Higher and wider than the previous model. This luxury machine is designed to satisfy the needs of every climber, beginner or a pro.


XL – The biggest and newest model. 3,50 meters tall! This monster machine can accommodate 2 or even 3 climbers at the same time for more competitive fun. Inclination is -35°. When you climb on it, you forget that you are on a machine.


Custom – Client can choose size, color, lights and request branding. We can put your company logo or image on the wall for maximum visual impact.